Are Rawhide Dog Treats Harmful for Your Furry Friend?

Rawhide Dog Treats: Are They Really Harmful?    Cheap Healthy Dog Treats

Dogs – they are not just pets who love their masters unconditionally, they are family members. Everyday greeting of a canine rejuvenates the entire day and take away all the stress. That’s why you should learn about the danger 0f rawhide dog treats!

Isn’t it so??

Well, indeed their love cannot be measured and written in words. However, chewing behaviour of the furry little friends often results in deteriorating household stuff.

When they look at us, their innocent and glittering eyes make us forget their mistakes. For many dog owners, keeping their household items safe is a challenge.

So, is there a way to satisfy my canine’s natural chewing tendency? Are rawhide dog treats just delicious death trap? Let’s shed light on this subject and clear all the fog from the mind.

What Do Rawhide Dog Treats include?

When you adopt a dog, it becomes imperative to provide a pleasant atmosphere and the right guidance. After all, they are the product of their environment.

Rawhide treats are made of a “hide” or an animal’s skin. The process includes cleaning, cutting, and pressing the hides to convert into various sizes. Would you like to see how are they made? CHECK THIS VIDEO!

Different manufacturers use different ingredients to make raw treats, such as chicken, liver flavouring, beef, pork, horse and so on. The overall quality and safety of a product depend on certain factors, such as under what conditions the animals were raised.

What are the Benefits Associated with Rawhide Dog Treats?

Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, he would love to chew things. It is their natural instinct, which cannot be eliminated. After all, chewing helps dogs get rid of their anxieties and provides stimulation. At the same time, these treats are great alternatives to the table leg or your shoes.

Let’s discuss the advantages of rawhide dog treats:

Satisfy the Chewing Urge

Dogs are notorious for chewing household things. The rawhide treat satisfies your canine’s chewing tendencies. So, you don’t need to worry about a missing shoe or your child’s soft toys.

Clean the Plaque

Eating the rawhide treat, dogs are likely to get clean teeth because it takes away the plaque. These treats improve the breath and promote strong jaws. It has been witnessed that dogs who chew rawhide are less likely to have plaque.


Do you think about the price of these treats? Well, we’ve some excellent news for you – one big packet of these treats cost as low as $25. So, no more worrying about setting a budget just for getting your dog some excellent treats.

What are the Risks of Rawhide Dog Treats?

If you want a treat, choosing rawhide treats is likely your best decision. However, you also require to keep an eye out for any potential risks to your pet. Though the benefits are immense, they cannot be overshadowed by the bagful of health challenges.

Contain Chemicals

Looking into the ingredient of various rawhide treat products, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that these seemingly harmless treats often contain salmonella or E.coli strains. Long story short, even we are at the risk of infection after coming into contact with these products.

Damage to Dog’s Teeth

Having mindful of the type of treat you want to give your dog is undoubtedly a wise decision. If you are considering a rawhide treat, make sure it is not hard to chew for your canine. The reason behind is that it could break the tooth or cause toothache.

Health challenges

Sensitive dogs may face some problems, such as diarrhoea and vomiting. In case your furry little friend is allergic to Healthiest Dog Treatsrawhide treats, then it may cause digestive irritation or other serious health challenges.


Rawhide chews can lead to choking and blockage risks. Several dogs face this issue after chewing these edibles and bones. Choking and blockage is a deep concern as compared to diarrhoea or digestive irritation. Rawhide bones may get stuck in the digestive tract and end up blocking the nerves.

Serious illness

In case a dog swallows a large chunk of treat, the blockage concern may end up taking the dog’s life, which no pet owner ever wants. Many times, abdominal surgery becomes the last resort to resolve the blockage issue.

This is a post from Facebook that Jackie let me kindly share with you guys:

PLEASE DO NOT GIVE RAWHIDE in any size or shape to your dog. We nearly lost our 2 years old cocker spaniel due to him having a very large blockage in his stomach.

Rawhide is not digestible so can build up in the stomach and also cause damage to the intestine. If we hadn’t taken him to the emergency vets on Sunday where they operated straight away it could have been a very different outcome.

Charlie is now on the mend but may have to have another operation as he has damage to his intestine. The picture show just a small amount that they removed from his stomach (there was a lot more not shown in the picture).

The vets bill came to £1600 which luckily we could pay and claim back on our insurance but not everyone could afford this and it would be heartbreaking for them if the only choice they had was to put their pet to sleep.

All sale of Rawhide should be banned!!

Dog Chews for Sensitive Stomach

On left is poor Charlie after operation and on right is what the surgeon took out of his tummy..

Severe Health problems

Lately, some cases of pets experiencing critical health issues have been witnessed. Since the ingredients of these treats vary, some health hazards are still there.

A good deal of rawhide chew manufactures may contradict it by saying it is natural. However, the products are made with dried animal skins. It may seem natural, but the manufacturing process makes all the difference.

What are the safe substitutes of Rawhide Dog Treats?

As per my personal experience – dogs adore chewing treats. Dog treats are traditional recipes, as they have been used for generations. It is best to go with the highly digestible and preservative-free tasty treats, as we’ve mentioned below.

Deer Antlers

Perhaps every pet owner is aware of the fact that in every spring, deer take out their antlers naturally. In the past, somebody came up with this idea to gather, clean, and cut the antlers to make chomping option. Till now, many dogs’ favourite chew is the antlers with smooth ends. After all, safety is considered first.

Buffalo Sticks

These are made of all-natural free-range and grass-fed buffalo. When it comes to a leaner alternative to beef, buffalo sticks holds a special place. Googling would present you with treats that do not contain any preservatives or additives. Though they are a bit aromatic, dogs really love these types of chews. Another reason for being popular is that they leave no or least residue on the carpets.


Lastly, if you want a completely safe and all-natural product, it is the time to go with these colourful root veggies. These easy to find treats are not only affordable but are low in calories. Carrots, among the best sources of vitamin B and fibre, are the perfect substitute for rawhide dog treats. Natural Diet for Dogs

There you have it! Considering the above information, you are ahead of the game. Make sure to do some groundwork before purchasing any rawhide dog treats for your furry friend.

What do you give to your dog?

You can find more healthy substitutes HERE!

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