Keep Your Dog Busy Indoors

keep-your-dog-busy-indoorsHow to keep your dog busy indoors?

A dog is a big part of a pet owner’s family. When people let their furry friends indoors, it becomes whimsically essential to keep dogs busy. Otherwise, they can react abnormally – run from one room to another, biting, digging, or destroying household things.

The idea of putting the dog in a crate may seem good to calm down your pet. However, it is not effective because the outrageous behavior continues in dogs when removing crate. During this COVID-19 pandemic (read more info HERE), you can help your four-legged friend to act better indoors without locking him up in a crate.

Your furry friend’s happiness is something that you ought not to take for granted. Here is a list of things you can do to keep your dog busy indoors:

Play a Game of Tug of war to keep your dog busy

Keeping your dog busy and entertained indoors can be a challenging task. To tire out your furry friend, you can incorporate nose work games into the regimen. Find the treats and Tug of war are two popular games that can make you pet tired and hone in on some of their skills.

Since treats are necessary ( check my other blog for great natural dog training treats: 5 best natural dog training treats ) to keep a pet engaged in games, you can treat your companion with chopped up carrots. Encourage your pets by praising whenever they find a cue. Once your pet understands the game, you can make it more exciting by hiding treats while your dog is in another room.

Use a Stuffed Kong to keep your dog entrained indoors

When it comes to keeping your dog busy indoors or relieving his boredom, stuffed Kong helps immensely. Preparing the Kong is an easy-peasy task, as you just need to try stuffing them with some of your favorite natural dog treats.

Many pet parents prefer freezing peanut butter ( my blog on peanut butter for dogs: Peanut butter for a dog ) or broth inside the Kong. It is quite an effective way to keep your pet engaged, especially during the lockdown. Make sure to put the stuffed Kong in the freezer overnight before giving it to your furry companion.

Let your Dog Help with Chores to mentally stimulate him

Dogs are lovable companions who love performing tasks, such as fetching your slippers or learning the names of some household items. When you teach your pet to fetch you something, you can win admiration by impressing your loved ones or friends.

Make sure to tie a towel around the fridge handle when teaching your pet to open it. It is going to help your pet to open the door of the fridge. Besides, you can teach your pet to help you out with the everyday household chores.

Make Your Furry Friend Work for the Food

As pet parents, we all give our furry friends a comfortable life. From lots of attention, delicious treats, and a warm bed, we get things in return such as unconditional love and loyalty. However, many dogs are missing out on mentally stimulating activities. So, having your furry friend work for the food is not mean, but mentally stimulating for him and helps you to keep your dog busy.

Make your little companion work for his meals is among the effective ways to challenge his mind. Use food dispensing toys to have your pet work for the meal.

Teach Your Dog to Clean up the Toys                                                                                                       

People, being pet parents, enjoy a great deal of personal pleasure and satisfaction in their lives. The idea of teaching your pets to clean up their toys may not seem good at first, but it is actually a lot of fun.

You can help your pet to put the toys away in case these toys are kept in a container. It will help in giving them the mental stimulation and boosting their confidence. So, when your pet is standing over the container, provide a command to drop it. You will be able to have a canine companion who will be able to clean up after himself.

Train your Pet to Do a New Trick

Many pet parents train their dogs to learn how to jump through a hoop or weave through the legs. During the lockdown, you can teach your dog these skills because it is a lot easier to teach than it sounds.

No matter if your pet already knows various tricks, there is always a new trick that your furry friend can learn. Trick training helps in keeping dogs busy indoors, and the best this is that there is always room for improvement. When training your pet a few tricks, you can step it up by combining new tricks with learned behaviors.

I am a big fan of a dog trainer – Zak George. You can find great tips on how to train and teach your dog new tricks HERE or check his website:

  • Consider Clicker Training

  • When it comes to dog training, you can use a clicker to make it more interesting and connecting with your pet on a deeper level. Whenever you press down on the lever of the clicker, it generates a sound. Pet parents use it to direct the moment the pet performs the desired behavior.

Furthermore, it is an effective way to let your pet know exactly when he’s doing the right thing. Since every second matter when training a pet, it is imperative not to miss a chance to communicate the exact time when your pet does the behavior you desire. By using a clicker, you let your pet know the moment when he makes the right choice.

Regular Grooming Sessions

Pet grooming is necessary to make sure your furry friend’s skin can breathe and keeps down the level of grease in their coat. Though it is tips-for-dog-loverssomething your dog won’t like as much as a game, it is needed from time to time. So, make sure to take care of your pet’s brushing, bathing, and nail trimming for a healthy lifestyle.

Dog grooming can be difficult at first, but the more your practice using positive rewards, the easier it will be for you. Hand out treats to your pet during the entire grooming session to ensure your pet associate grooming habits with a good experience.

You can find a few tips on grooming your dog HERE.

Final Thought

Dogs are sentient beings who love attention. The easiest way to stop the unruly behavior of your pet indoors is by showing them that you care – play various games together, train your dog the basics of obedience. The above activities will help you keep your pet busy indoors by keeping him mentally stimulated.

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