Is garlic safe for dogs?


So is garlic safe for dogs? Let’s find out!

Garlic is a holistic remedy that prevents heart disease, high blood pressure, and even cancer. No doubt that it can lower the blood pressure, but it prevents blood clotting and supports the formation of useful bacteria in the digestive tract as well and it contains vitamin C. So is garlic safe for dogs?

The opinion on the dietary use of garlic for dogs is strongly divided. Garlic is a member of the allium family. Like onions, garlic can trigger Heinz body anemia and may prove toxic to sensitive dogs (HERE  you will find more information about dangerous plants for dogs). But you don’t have to worry, garlic is very good for your dog as long as you give them the right dosage and prepare it as explained below.

How can Garlic help dogs and keep them healthy?

*Garlic is beneficial for avoiding fleas

If you feed your dog during the flea and tick season, you can keep them away from fleas. Garlic takes time to build up in your dogs’ natural oil, but it would help if you could start feeding them a couple of weeks before the starting season of bugs. Garlic also repels mosquitoes!                                                                is-garlic-safe-for-dogs

*Garlic reduces the chance of Cancer

If you are feeding your dog Garlic, it means you are reducing the chances of colon, lung, stomach, and rectum cancer. The compound present in Garlic helps to increase the immunity and natural killer cells. These cells can destroy the pathogenic bacteria and cancer cells, keeping your dog healthy and safe.

*Enhance the functions of the liver

You must be aware that Garlic has detoxifying effects. The compounds present in the Garlic can enhance the function of your liver by eliminating the toxins from the body. Therefore, it prevents toxic accumulation that can lead to the growth of Cancer.

*Cardiovascular tonic

Garlic results out to be an excellent cardiovascular tonic, especially for the older dogs. It prevents the formation of a blood clot in the vascular system, which reduces the cholesterol level and fat in arteries.

Things to take care of while feeding your dog Garlic

Garlic is safe and beneficial for your dogs when you feed them with proper instructions and in sufficient quantity. However, you need to take some precautions that are given below:

*Don’t feed puppies under 6 months old

Avoid giving Garlic to the puppies younger than 6 months old because it reduces the chances of producing red blood cells. For puppies aged between six months and one year, half the dose is fine.

*Specific Issues of Breed

Certain Breeds like Japanese breeds ( Akita, Shiba Inu) are very delicate to the hemolytic effects that are mainly found in the Garlic. So, it is better to consult with your vet if you are not sure about the risks of your dog’s breed.

*Drug Interactions

The major problem which you have to take care of is the integration of garlic with various types of medications. Here are some medications listed below and if your dog is going through any then avoid giving them garlic:

  • is-garlic-safe-for-dogsMedications for heart
  • Immune Suppressants 
  • Drugs for Chemotherapy
  • Insulin
  • Antacids
  • Drugs for high blood pressure

If your dog is taking any of these drugs, then you should avoid the use of garlic. Also, do not use garlic before two weeks of surgery as it can affect the blood clotting.


How can you prepare garlic for your dog?

The preparation of garlic for feeding is easy but time-consuming. Make sure you buy it locally and it is organic or is-garlic-safe-for-dogseven grows it in your garden. Select bulbs that are firm and whose cloves are tightly packed. Do not use garlic that has turned soft or has dried out.

All you need is to peel off the cloves and then chop the garlic. The easiest way to remove the skin is by placing the clove on the cutting board, laying the flat side of the knife over it, and whacking the knife with the heel of your hand. The papery skin will peel off.

Leave it for at least 15 minutes after crushing or chopping. During this period, allicin degrades quickly, so make sure to use them immediately after this period for better results. Take the right amount of garlic and make sure that it is according to your dogs’ weight (1/2 clove per ten pounds of body weight).

Some dogs may not like the taste at first so start with a lower dosage and increase the amount over a week or two, mix it in his food, and the job is done!

I recommend consulting your veterinarian should you have any concerns or questions about feeding garlic to your dog.

So is garlic safe for dogs?

Do you feed your dog garlic?

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