How to keep dogs cool in the heat


How to keep dogs cool in the heat

Keeping dogs cool in the heat is extremely important in the hot days of summer. It will not only help you to keep your little friend happy and healthy but it will also reduce the risk of heatstroke. There are multiple methods to protect your little friend from heat. We have found some care tips to keep your dog cool in the heat. Let’s discuss the easiest ways:

  • Keep your dog in a shaded area and don’t let them play in direct sunlight
  • Dip your towel in the water tub and then place it on your furry friend
  • Take cold water in a bottle and sprinkle it to dog house or garden where your dog play in the evening
  • Make a little pool in your backyard to let him enjoy the pool party in the evening

Don’t leave your dog in a car

Avoid leaving your dogs in the car even if you have parked your vehicle in a shaded area and with open keeping-dogs-cool-in-the-heatwindows. Dogs are restless and they become uncomfortable in a few minutes. If you have to keep him in the car, ask your friend and or a family member to stay with him. We recommend you not to leave them in any closed space.

If you suddenly see a dog in a hot car, dial the police immediately!

Don’t leave your furry friend on the hot floor

Hot flooring surfaces can hurt the feet pads of your little friend. If the surface is too hot and you cannot stand on it barefooted for more than 5 seconds then shift him immediately to some cool place. You can also buy a cooling mat for your furry friend.

Don’t forget to offer clean water to your pet

Offering clean water is your duty throughout the year however; pay special attention to this in summers. Don’t forget to keep a water bottle in your car if you have a plan to take your dog out with you.

Take them for a walk

Don’t take your dog out in the midday sun. Taking him with you for early morning and evening walk is a great idea.


how-to-keep-dogs-cool-in-the-heatEncourage him to play games

Introduce new games to your furry friend but don’t let him run too much on hot days. Hide his favourite treats and toys and let him find out. Keep his toys and treats in your shaded pool or some cool area. It will keep him busy in a cool place.


Don’t forget regular grooming

benefits-of-natural-dog-treatsKeeping your dog’s coat free from knots and dust particles are the first thing that you should keep in mind in summers. This can only be done by regular grooming to keep your dog protected from heat. Cutting your dog’s hair short won’t help, it actually helps them to keep cooler!

How to protect your dog from heatstroke?

Dogs are sensitive to heat, it only takes a few minutes in summers to make them suffer from heatstroke. They don’t have skin pores to let the heat come out in the form of sweat; they only release heat through their nose and paws to maintain the body temperature.

Can you stay normal after wearing a thick winter coat in summer? No, it’s not possible. Similarly, their heavy coat is the main reason they cannot bear the heat in summers.

The most common symptoms of heatstroke are dribbling, excessive panting, and collapse. If you see these symptoms in your fragile pet, move him immediately to some cool place, shower him and contact your veterinary doctor immediately but never use iced or very cold water as that will just put your furry friend into shock, cool water is the best option.

I found this YouTube video about protecting dogs from heatstroke very useful so check it out HERE!

How to protect dogs from sun rays?

Just like human beings, some dogs have very sensitive skin that can be burned easily with sun rays. Dogs with thin coats and light colour of tips-for-dog-loversskin need more care. You can use sun creams of a good dog’s brand for this purpose. If you don’t know the right sun cream for your furry friend, you can get help from your vet or click here:

What is water intoxication?

Water intoxication is a condition in which dogs drink too much water in a short time. This condition is very rare however; it is fatal and can damage the brain of a dog. Don’t let your pet swallow too much water while swimming. Always keep an eye on your pet if you leave him in a swimming pool to protect him from heat. It seems like great fun to hose your dog and most of the dogs will try to “catch water” but it can be very dangerous so be aware!

Symptoms of water intoxication

  • Pale gums
  • Bloating
  • Vomiting
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of coordination

If you find your pet feeling difficulty in breathing or loss of consciousness after swimming, take him to your vet immediately.

How can you protect your dog from water intoxication?

  • Monitor your dog while they are taking a bath in the water pool. If he starts swallowing water, remove him from the pool and encourage him tips-for-dog-loversto relax.
  • Don’t leave them in water for more than 10 minutes.
  • If you have a plan to take him to the beach along you, keep a water bottle with you. Don’t allow him to swallow salted water.

How to protect your pet from creepy crawlies?

Some pests are very common in summer and can cause a lot of damage to your pets. Fleas and ticks produce with heat; they bite poor dogs and cause them discomfort.

If you find any pests on the skin of your pet, take him immediately to your pet. You can only help your furry friend to get rid of these creepy creatures by regular treatment.

Toxic plants

Some household plants are very toxic to animals. Lilies, Ivy, Hydrangea, and Gladiolas are the most common toxic plants (You can find out more about poisonous plants HERE). So keep your dog’s way from these home plants. If they accidentally eat something toxic, call immediately your vet. We recommend you not to grow such plants in your home if you have pets.


Keeping your dog cool in the hot days of summer is crucial. Your furry friend needs special care in the summer. We hope the above-mentioned tips will help you to keep them cool.

If you have some ideas, please share it with us. You can also leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “How to keep dogs cool in the heat

  1. David says:

    Hello there and thank you for writing about this important topic.  People need to be more aware about taking care of their pets during extremes in temperature.  The chart that shows how quickly the temperature inside a vehicle can increase is a real eye opener.  Clearly it wouldn’t take more than several minutes under these circumstances for the pet to be in danger of heat stroke.  It seems like a natural response to provide them water, but you have to be careful not to cause water intoxication.  Do you know if there are guide lines with respect to the body weight of the dog and how much water they can safely consume?

    1. Gina says:

      Hello David, the general guideline is 20 to 40ml of water per pound but there is lots of factors you have to take into consideration.. The weather, exercise, is he eating dry food or canned food? Dry food (kibble) has up to around 30% of water and canned food or raw food can have up to 75% of water. The water intoxication usually happens if your dog stays in a water and swallows big amount or if they drink pressurised water for example from  hose so that is what you have to watch out for! Otherwise dogs should have clean and fresh water always available. I hope that helps! 

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