How to Keep Dog Healthy?

Healthiest Dog Treats

How to Keep Dog Healthy?

Dogs deserve great care and love. They need routine check-ups, grooming, exercise, and a balanced diet to stay healthy. Dog owners should pay attention to keep their furry friends healthy. Do you want to know about your dog’s health? Here are the few signs that give you an idea about the health of your dog.

Signs of Dog’s Good Health

1. Eyes

Healthy dogs have shiny and bright eyes. Watery tears are normal in dogs but excessive mucus can be a sign of a disease. Eyes of this creature should not secrete yellow discharge. If the white part in your dog’s eyes is clean and shiny, it indicates your little friend is enjoying good health.

2. Ears

The ears of your dog must be clean from inside and outside. Normally, the dog’s ears have brownish or yellow wax but if it comes in large quantity, you could try some of the natural dog ear cleansers (found out about apple cider vinegar and how it can help with itchy ears HERE) or you may consult with a professional veterinarian. Watch your dog’s habits; if he scratches his ears more than usual, he may have an ear abnormality. Dogs with longer ears need more attention to keep them dry and clean.

3. Teeth

Healthy dogs have smooth and white teeth but the colour varies with different stages of their age. Different breeds have different numbers of teeth but usually adult dogs have 42 teeth and young puppies have 23 teeth.

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4. Body Temperature

Do you feel that your dog is suffering from a fever? Let’s check his body temperature. You can use a rectal thermometer to check his temperature. If your dog’s body temperature is between 101 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit, your dog is in good health. The heartbeat of a dog varies as they come in different sizes. The heartbeat of an older dog is lower than that of young puppies.

5. Skin

Skin is one of the most important factors which can give you an idea about the health of your dog. If your dog’s skin is smooth, flexible and without scabs, it means your little companion is quite healthy.

Different breeds have different colours; they can have brown, pale pink or black skin colour. Some dogs have spotted Safe Natural Dog Treatscoats which is quite normal. But the lice, ticks or fleas are the signs of a problem that needs to be dealt with soon.

The coat of the dog can be short or long but having dandruff, excessive oiliness or bald spots can be the sign of bad health in your dog. Keeping your dog’s skin healthy is very important.

The skin condition is directly related to the health of your lovely dog. Pet dogs have similar health issues as a human race in their life. They can suffer from different skin diseases. If you are a dog lover, you must have a better idea about how you feel while running your fingers through a healthy and clean coat.

You can keep your dog’s skin healthy by following a few tips:

1) Do not give your dog bath too often

Do not give bath to your pet often ( we recommend once a month ) because if you give him/her bath regularly, there are more chances to damage their skin by exposing the layer of skin which leads to itching. This may lead to more scratches than usual and as a result, he may have more infections by opening cuts on the body. It can also leave your doggy with an unwanted smell because their body tries to compensate skin scratches. If you want to give your puppy bath, then you should use dry shampoos and bath wipes.


2) Choose a balanced diet

Keep an eye on the diet of your puppy. Dog foods come with labels, read the label before you start feeding your dog. Wet foods can be digested easily than dried ones. Food that has a large number of carbohydrates and grains can dry the skin of your loving dog. Professionals and educated pet owners prefer raw and fresh diets because these diets match the biology of your little friend. Raw diets have more moisture and provide essential minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats, and oils to keep the dog’s skin healthy and soft.

3) Supplements are Essential

Supplements are essential for your pets. Find the best skin supplements for your little dog. Pet nutritionists and veterinarians recommend fish oil and fatty acids to keep the skin of this species healthy and moisturized. There are so many different oils that have great benefits such as hemp oil, flaxseed oil, and coconut oil. You can also offer your dog with a treat of mix oil, they love the flavour of mix oils and one spoon daily will be the best treatment for him.

4) Brush your dog’s coats regularly

Healthy Dog Treats for ChristmasPets are just like your family members, to keep them healthy and avoid skin diseases, it is strongly recommended brushing their coats regularly. If your dog has shorter a coat, you do not need to brush it every day but you can use a soft brush for gentle massage. Massage can help to keep the oil production balance and skin healthy. Dog’s muscles stay healthy when they receive gentle massage regularly.

Wire bristle brush and a slicker are recommended for dogs with double coats because they prevent tangles and matting which can cause bacterial infections, fungal and skin tearing. A wire-bristle brush can also prevent dogs from serious infections such as fleas, ticks, lice, and harbour mites. When you brush them regularly, you can save medical expenses by catching problems in the early stages.

5) Choose the right products to bathe them

Right bathing products are very essential for the healthy skin of your little puppy. Dog with healthy skin doesn’t need medicated bathing products. Dog with dry skin needs a specific kind of doggy soap or shampoos that has moisturizing ingredients such as oatmeal or butter. Dog’s conditioning spray is another important stuff which is strongly recommended. Use the spray every time you brush your dog’s coat to keep the skin clean and healthy. PH balance in human and dog’s products is different according to the skin requirements so never use human bathing products for your lovely dog.


Choose the best food for your dog to avoid weight gain issues

Do you want to keep your dog healthy and make him free from digestive problems? Does your dog have rashes, dull skin and looks overweight? Dogs are sensitive and these health issues arise due to different reasons. Poor nutrition is one of the reasons for these health problems. So keeping your dog healthy is not difficult, you just have to choose the best food for them. Grain-free food is considered to be the best food for dogs because it can be digested easily. Before you choose a new food for your dog, you must have to do an analysis of his/her past food and daily activities, once you figure out his daily activities, you can also consult a nutritionist.

Owners should pay proper attention to balanced food to keep their pets healthy. Pets need your time and proper attention to stay healthy and live longer. To avoid long term and short term health issues, treat your dog in the same way as you treat your little kids.

Choose a Nutritious diet for your dog

A meat-based diet is a perfect diet for your dog. Numerous grain-free foods are available on the market for your little Best High Protein Dog Foodfriend. These grain-free foods are prepared with multiple ingredients including chicken proteins, omega fatty acids and many more which helps to keep your dog’s skin healthy and hydrated.

If you are looking for low calories foods for your pet dog, chose lamb-based mixes and turkey-based mixes. This type of food is suitable for all ages of dogs. You can buy these foods from the market. If you have a small and active breed then try to choose food with high protein.

Dogs are different from each other and they have different eating habits depending on the breed of a dog. You can also talk to a veterinarian, after describing his eating habits, activities, and breed; a professional veterinarian will help you to choose the best fit food for your dog.


To keep your dog healthy, you just have to follow these simple steps in the right direction. Take care of your cute little dog because they deserve your love. If your dog is suffering from any disease or skin infections, find a professional veterinarian to start the treatment as soon as possible.


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