How to keep a Dog Calm During Fireworks

How-to-keep-a-dog-calm-during-fireworksIn return for the unconditional love from our pooches, we always try to keep our pets safe and provide them with good food with nutrition. However, we should try and help to keep our dogs calm during fireworks.

Unlike humans, dogs do not tend to be rilled by the sight of fireworks. Dogs’ behavior changes when they hear loud sounds. Thunderstorms and fireworks may be eye-pleasing for humans, but it is the most traumatic time for dogs.

So How To Keep a Dog Calm During Fireworks?

As responsible pet parents, here is how to ease your dog’s fear of loud noise:


  • Create a Safe Haven

Fireworks can provoke very strong reactions in dogs. Whether it is Happy 4th of July or any other celebration, you how-to-keep-a-dog-calm-during-fireworksneed to make a safe place for the four-legged member in your family. Make sure not to put any important objects in that room because dogs may deteriorate things when frightened.

If your canine wants to hide under the bed, try not to pull him out as that’s where he is feeling safe. Besides, closing the doors and windows in your house will reduce the sound, and closing your drapes will prevent the light flashes. If the noise is too close to your home, consider taking him to any of your friend’s house.

  • Head Out For a Long Walk with Your Dog before Fireworks

Before the fireworks start, consider taking your pet out for a long walk. Make sure to consider the safety of your pet before wearing your dog out. A dog’s collar or harness needs to be fit because they may bolt or escape after hearing sounds. So, double-check it and put your mind at ease.

A long walk or run to the park can help exhaust your canine. Though there is no ideal time, you may try it for one hour. This way, your pet will have less to exert when hearing the sound of firecrackers. Gearing up with a Dog GPS tracker will also help you find your furry little friend in case he escapes.

best-natural-dog-treats Turn on the Television during Fireworks

Booming firework noises can be fun for humans, but dogs may be anxious around such noises. One way to desensitize your canine is by covering the firework sounds by turning the television on.

If your dog loves listening to a particular program or music, play that song. The soothing sound of their favorite music will help distract dogs for a long time.

Comfort your dog during Fireworks

Humans tend to react to a fireworks display with delighted “Oohs” and “Ahhs.” However, it is the time when dogs wish for it over soon. Since dogs are not so familiar with fireworks, sudden loud noise creates hyperactivity or anxiousness.

You can use the calming sprays to ease the stress of your pet. Make sure to consult it with a vet before putting it into use. Alternative can be spraying the dog’s coat with an over-the-counter remedy.

  • Distract your Dog from fireworks by Feeding a Big Meal

Freaking out at the sound of fireworks is common in dogs. To ease the fear and distract your pet, give him best-natural-dog-treatshis favorite treat (find out what treats are great for your dog during fireworks HERE) or toy to play with.

You know how you feel after having a big meal. It leads to a feeling of relaxation and contentment. So, try it on your four-legged friend. This trick is excellent to divert the focus of your furry friend from the fireworks.

If possible, sit with your pet and start cuddling or playing. Massaging his legs, neck, and shoulders can mostly help reduce the anxiety.

  • Take Your Four-Legged Friend to a Vet

Many dogs are noise sensitive. In case your dog’s anxiety is severe, consider taking your pet to a veterinarian. After an evaluation, you will be given some advice to calm your canine companion.

Loud noise may cause fear in many dogs. If you suspect the same thing with your pet, try giving the medication recommended by the veterinarian. It will help your dog cope up with the thunderstorm or fireworks phobia.

Top-Rated Products For Keeping Your Dog Calm During Fireworks

Your beloved dog is a part of your family. Therefore, it is essential to recognize the signs of distress in dogs and provide the right care. Below are the treats to help you calm your dog during fireworks.

  • Plano Paws Natural Hemp Treats

Hemp treats are gaining popularity worldwide for calming dogs’ anxiety. These delicious dog chews are free from soy, wheat, corn, and grain.

Plano Paws Natural Hemp Treats are the best choice when it comes to reducing stress due to fireworks or thunderstorms. The ingredients used in the product are organic chamomile, organic hemp protein powder, Valerian root, thiamine B1, and L-Tryptophan.

Made in the USA, this product passes a thorough inspection process to ensure the best quality. Besides, the product does not contain salts, sugar, or gumming agents. Compared to a thunder shirt or vest, these soft chews are easier to use.

  • Full-Spectrum Natural Hemp oil

The next best product we have added on our list is organically grown hemp oil. Free from preservatives, this non-GMO product gives no psychoactive effects to your dog after consumption.

The product is developed, keeping the needs of your dog in mind. The ingredients include CO2 extracted hemp oil and Medium Chain Triglycerides oil. The former is gathered from the industrial hemp, and the latter is from the organic coconuts.

The anti-inflammatory properties of the product are also helpful in reducing pain and inflammation in dogs.

  • Kinpur Hemp Oil

When it comes to the best natural products, Kinpur Hemp oil gains an immense reputation in the market. Certified hemp manufacturers make sure that the product passes through the highest manufacturing standards.

The natural product acts as a natural sedative and helps the furry companions chill at the time of fireworks. The high-quality ingredients make the hemp oil safe to consume. So, all in all, this product is best for natural calming effects.



You can also try half-wrap on your dog. It is becoming very popular and it should help your canine to reduce stress and anxiety.



Final Notes

how-to-keep-a-dog-calm-during-fireworksThe fireworks and celebration time can be extremely jarring and stressful for your furry friend. Consider the above tips to calm your dog during fireworks. There are a lot of commercially produced products for dogs to ease the fear of loud noise. Little groundwork is a must before stepping your foot forward.

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