Help with Teething Puppy

help-with-teething-puppyHelp with Teething Puppy

Okay! We know you are excited about getting that black Labrador puppy that you wanted for such a long time. With someone for a company during great and the not so great times, you now have someone.

However, with all the happiness comes a bit of pain and discomfort for you and the puppy. We are referring to the teething stage of your puppy, where you might find teeth lying around the house. During this time, your puppy’s adult teeth would replace the baby teeth, AKA deciduous teeth by pushing. The process will be a painful one for you and the dog.

Without any further ado, let us first understand how the phase of teething is for your new friend:

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How Teething Affects Puppies. Let’s Find Out

The phase of teething is harder for a puppy than other animals. Remember that during this painful phase, your best friend will lose his appetite, suffer from an upset tummy, pass soft stools, and might even have low fever.

The phase will occur when the canine molars and premolars are growing but it will not last for long. To help your help-with-teething-puppyteething puppy, shower him with love during this phase, as it is a tough time for him. Provide him with warm and soft food, which is soft on the gums.

How Long Will teething Last?

Yes, we know no one can bear the sight of a cute little puppy wailing in pain, but be patient, as good times will soon start.

The Teething of Puppy – Phase Timeline

The shedding of baby teeth, followed by the growth of adult teeth, differs from one dog to another. In the majority of cases, puppies will lose their incisors during the third month or towards the end of the third month. The incisors found on the home carpet will reveal that your furry friend is going through the teething phase.

Teething will move from the front teeth to back, which is when the canine teeth will fall out. Next would be the premolars and molars. Remember that it is not strange for the fangs to remain in place even as the molars fall out. Lastly, between six to eight months, the puppy will get all 42 adult teeth.

“Okay. Now, How Shall I Help My Pupping During Teething? Six to Eight Months Is Too Much Time.”

Yes, we know it is a long time before you can stop hiding your favourite shoes or the new carpet you just put down. With that said, we have some great tips to assist you in helping puppy with teething.

At times, the dog owner gets a little confused about how to help his puppy with teething. A blood spot on their toys is not a cause of concern but a part of the teething phase.

However, we offer you two rock-solid activities, which can help you, get your best friend through this pain.

1. The Proper Training Will Help Your Puppy With Teething

An important thing to remember during this phase is providing the puppy with good chewing habits. best-natural-dog-treats

  • Do not be harsh on your pet for chewing, but make sure they chew the right things.
  • Dogs respond well to positive reinforcement training, and it will carry the same over to adult life.
  • The dog will need to chew, as it will help with the pain in their gums (find more information about safe natural chews HERE).
  • An important lesson for your pet to learn is how to bite.
  • Teething is a crucial time for the dog, as they will learn to differentiate between right and wrong when it comes to nipping.
  • In case, you have two puppies, they would play with each other, and when one of them gets hurt, they will yelp. It is a clear indication to the other puppy that they bit too hard.
  • Similarly, when you are playing with your furry friend, make sure to make noise when they bite you, as it will teach them not to nip as they grow their teeth.

2. Quality Teething Toys For Your Puppy

  • As your four-legged friend passes through teething, it would be a better idea if they spent the time constructively than destroying things in the house.
  • You have a wide choice of toys in the market, which can help them in getting relief from the pain felt during this phase.
  • The toys are the best way to help your puppy with teething and suit their sensitive mouth. For example, you can take rope toys that are a favourite among dogs.
  • Moreover, you can also look for nylon and frozen toys.

Now that we have made it easy for you to know how to help your puppy pass through the teething phase. Let us now look at some of the best treats they can enjoy.

Please, Tell Me about the Best Treats without Any Artificial Stuff

Okay, we know that companies often utilize artificial substances in dog treats to increase their sales volume. However, what we are about to share is far away from being artificial.

Pay attention! For we are about to reveal the top five natural treats for your furry friend:

Moreover, by natural, we mean zero artificial colours and flavours

1. Antos Origins Natural Root Dog Chew Toy

Packed with nutritional goodness, the dog chew is the tuber roof of a tree. Satisfy your puppy’s tendency to chew. 100% natural non-splinter chew comes in different shape and weights.


2. Rocco & Roxie Gourmet Jerky Dog Treats

If you are looking to buy a dog treat with ingredients sourced from nowhere but only reputable farms, this is for your friend. Each of the 6-inch jerky sticks does not contain any artificial ingredients or fillers like soy, gluten, or corn. Forget about your pet having any issues with stomach or hypersensitivity.


3. Wellness Natural Grain-Free Dog Treats

The wellness natural grain-free is the best option for those who give their pets biscuits and similar stuff. This treat is rich in ALA, a form of omega-3 fatty acids. It also contains superfoods like sweet potatoes, apple, blueberries, and carrots to make the entire formula easy to chew for your furry friend.


4. InMotion Probiotic Jerky Healthy Dog Treats

Do you want to strengthen the immune system of your furry friend? Well, this is the best choice to accomplish that goal. The InMotion Probiotic Jerky treats contain powerful antioxidants and use only chicken breast in preparation. Want your pet to stay active and enjoy a healthy life? You are at the right place.

5. Milk-Bone Soft & Chewy Dog Treats

Firstly, this treat is not made of milk, as many would guess it from the name. On the contrary, it does not have any artificial ingredients either. What it does contain is real chicken meat to provide ample protein to your pet. The treat contains a maximum of 2.5% crude fibre and comes packed with vitamins, minerals, which helps to keep the metabolism healthy.

6. Zuke’s Superfood Blend Dog Treats

If you are looking for vegetarian gourmet dog treats, then this is the one to choose. The treat contains green beans, spinach, broccoli, peas, kale, cabbage, and asparagus among a whole another variety of superfoods. Zuke’s Superfood dog treat contains nutrients and antioxidants to keep the fur coat healthy and improve the immune system.



In the end, what we want for your furry friend is to have a healthy and long life without any health issues. Whether it is a non-veg dominant or veg diet, make sure to provide your furry friend with loads of nutrients in their food. Something like frozen carrot or frozen blueberries will go down the treat as well!


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