The Best Natural Dog Training Treats

the best natural dog training treatsThe Best Natural Dog Training Treats

Would you like to find out about the best natural dog training treats? If the answer is yes then keep reading!

Dogs are lovable companions, and the unfaltering loyalty to their owners is the most remarkable thing. Having a dog requires responsibility because one ought to know the right way to channel loyalty and protectiveness properly.

After all, untrained dogs can cause a threat to the family members and society. Since dogs are the product of the environment, providing proper training and discipline becomes quintessential. So, are you thinking of conducting dog obedience training? Well, if so, it is time to know about the best natural dog training treats.

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About Natural Dog Training Treats

Welcome to the world of training dogs. First thing first, if you want to train your dog, you need to reward your caninethe best natural dog training treats with a treat. This way, the reward pathways are activated in the brain and keep your companion motivated and plowing forward with the goals.

Natural dog training treats are given many times a day. Sometimes the dog owners wonder how much is too much. Well, though there is no limit to the treats, you need to maintain your dog’s diet by making changes in the meals and treats. Ensure getting protein-rich treats instead of carb-filled treats. It’ll help improve overall health and help in the training process.

What are the Best Natural Dog Training Treats to Buy?

Dogs are known for being food lovers. Rewarding low calorie, small, and delicious treats helps make the training smoother (HERE you can find more information on low-calorie dog treats). The soaring demand for pet treats has resulted in the introduction of a plethora of products in the market.

Therefore, oftentimes, choosing the best training treats becomes a daunting task. Reading the ingredients on the label surely helps, but not everyone is aware of all the ingredients.

With a huge number of options available in the market, ending up with the cheapest is common. In order to keep a relationship happy and healthy with your pet, you need to reward him with a nutritious treat that is small.

1) Bil-Jac VetDogs Treats

My all-time favorite dog training treat is the Bil-Jac VetDogs Treat. It stands out among others because it does not contain any gluten or filler. The star-shaped treats are made from chicken and chicken liver. Thanks to the linoleic acid, the treat helps keep dogs’ skin and coat soft. Not only it is super nutritious, but delicious as well. If you want to make your pet feel appreciated, it is time to get one for you.

2) Zuke’s Mini Naturals Moist Dog Training Treats

The next best training treat we have on our list is the Zuke’s Mini Naturals Moist Treats. Made for training, these treats are available in seven flavors, such as peanut butter, salmon, duck, wild rabbit, chicken, exotic, and pork.

This product is ideal for those dogs that are allergic to corn, wheat, or soy. With 3.5 calories per treat, this product gains an edge by not having any of these ingredients.

The added advantage of these soft treats is that they are as small as the size of a pea. Nevertheless, it is an awesome product available at a reasonable price.

3) Bravo Freeze –Dried Training Treats

It is time to harness your dog’s loyalty. Made from 100% muscle and organ meat, the treat is perfect for enhancing the quality of life of your dog.

Hand-to-dog feeding is possible with these treats as you can keep the treat between your fingers. For every good behavior or every new move, you can reward your pup with these small-sized treats.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about being your hands greasy or messy because the treats are freeze-dried. What’s more is that the turkey treat has no fillers, additives, or grains. Keep these treats in your pocket or hold in your hand without any worry.

4) Pupford Training Treats

Do you want to make your canine wag his tales for this delicious treat? Try Pupford Training Treats to get your dog’s attention and make his heart go pitter-patter.

It is a high-value treat, which is natural and low-calorie. The treat will help in the training process and keep the pup motivated every day. When it comes to long training sessions, Freeze-Dried Beef Liver meets the entire requirements, including the size and the calories. In addition, it contains less than two calories per treat.

5) Milk-Bone Flavor Snack

The crunchy treat comes with five different flavors, including chicken, sausage, turkey, bacon, and beef.

Though the product has preservatives added, it is suitable because it contains 12 minerals and vitamins. For fresh breathing and clean teeth, the product contains a special texture. Breaking these treats into small pieces can be a challenging task.

Due to the two downsides, hard to break and preservative, it is in the last of our list.

Ubiquitous Tips for Finding the Perfect Treat

Like any relationship, you reap what you sow into the friendship. For choosing the right dog treat, invest your time, and keep in mind the following tips:

Natural Diet for DogsNutritious

Health should be considered as a priority when it comes to choosing the right training treats for dogs. Treat is a motivating factor for dogs, so teach your canine new skills with healthy treats that have health benefits.

Treat Size

Positive reinforcement helps in teaching the dogs new behaviors. If you want a training session to move along, you need small size treats. It will prevent from overfeeding your dog and spoiling his appetite. Try to give the treats to your dog in moderation.

A Pocket Full of Treats

Rewarding dogs with treats is indeed the best idea. If you put the treats in your pocket, it is highly likely to see good improvement because of the immediate reward factor. You would not like a greasy or crumbly treat to put in your pocket, so choose accordingly.


When it comes to best training treats, the smellier they are, the more they excite the dogs. Yummy treats help keep the dog’s enthusiasm and motivation.

The Final Thought  Benefits of Natural Dog Treats

High-Five! Sit! Fetch! Dog treats are paramount for training. When dogs are given adequate guidance, they build a more deep connection with the pet owners. To make the training fun and easy, it is time to reward your canine with treats.

I would like to also share this DETAILED GUIDE ON DOG TRAINING FOR NEW OWNERS!

I think that is a great article and can help not only new dog owners but anybody who is looking for more help in training.

Is garlic safe for dogs?


So is garlic safe for dogs? Let’s find out!

Garlic is a holistic remedy that prevents heart disease, high blood pressure, and even cancer. No doubt that it can lower the blood pressure, but it prevents blood clotting and supports the formation of useful bacteria in the digestive tract as well and it contains vitamin C. So is garlic safe for dogs?

The opinion on the dietary use of garlic for dogs is strongly divided. Garlic is a member of the allium family. Like onions, garlic can trigger Heinz body anemia and may prove toxic to sensitive dogs (HERE  you will find more information about dangerous plants for dogs). But you don’t have to worry, garlic is very good for your dog as long as you give them the right dosage and prepare it as explained below.

How can Garlic help dogs and keep them healthy?

*Garlic is beneficial for avoiding fleas

If you feed your dog during the flea and tick season, you can keep them away from fleas. Garlic takes time to build up in your dogs’ natural oil, but it would help if you could start feeding them a couple of weeks before the starting season of bugs. Garlic also repels mosquitoes!                                                                is-garlic-safe-for-dogs

*Garlic reduces the chance of Cancer

If you are feeding your dog Garlic, it means you are reducing the chances of colon, lung, stomach, and rectum cancer. The compound present in Garlic helps to increase the immunity and natural killer cells. These cells can destroy the pathogenic bacteria and cancer cells, keeping your dog healthy and safe.

*Enhance the functions of the liver

You must be aware that Garlic has detoxifying effects. The compounds present in the Garlic can enhance the function of your liver by eliminating the toxins from the body. Therefore, it prevents toxic accumulation that can lead to the growth of Cancer.

*Cardiovascular tonic

Garlic results out to be an excellent cardiovascular tonic, especially for the older dogs. It prevents the formation of a blood clot in the vascular system, which reduces the cholesterol level and fat in arteries.

Things to take care of while feeding your dog Garlic

Garlic is safe and beneficial for your dogs when you feed them with proper instructions and in sufficient quantity. However, you need to take some precautions that are given below:

*Don’t feed puppies under 6 months old

Avoid giving Garlic to the puppies younger than 6 months old because it reduces the chances of producing red blood cells. For puppies aged between six months and one year, half the dose is fine.

*Specific Issues of Breed

Certain Breeds like Japanese breeds ( Akita, Shiba Inu) are very delicate to the hemolytic effects that are mainly found in the Garlic. So, it is better to consult with your vet if you are not sure about the risks of your dog’s breed.

*Drug Interactions

The major problem which you have to take care of is the integration of garlic with various types of medications. Here are some medications listed below and if your dog is going through any then avoid giving them garlic:

  • is-garlic-safe-for-dogsMedications for heart
  • Immune Suppressants 
  • Drugs for Chemotherapy
  • Insulin
  • Antacids
  • Drugs for high blood pressure

If your dog is taking any of these drugs, then you should avoid the use of garlic. Also, do not use garlic before two weeks of surgery as it can affect the blood clotting.


How can you prepare garlic for your dog?

The preparation of garlic for feeding is easy but time-consuming. Make sure you buy it locally and it is organic or is-garlic-safe-for-dogseven grows it in your garden. Select bulbs that are firm and whose cloves are tightly packed. Do not use garlic that has turned soft or has dried out.

All you need is to peel off the cloves and then chop the garlic. The easiest way to remove the skin is by placing the clove on the cutting board, laying the flat side of the knife over it, and whacking the knife with the heel of your hand. The papery skin will peel off.

Leave it for at least 15 minutes after crushing or chopping. During this period, allicin degrades quickly, so make sure to use them immediately after this period for better results. Take the right amount of garlic and make sure that it is according to your dogs’ weight (1/2 clove per ten pounds of body weight).

Some dogs may not like the taste at first so start with a lower dosage and increase the amount over a week or two, mix it in his food, and the job is done!

I recommend consulting your veterinarian should you have any concerns or questions about feeding garlic to your dog.

So is garlic safe for dogs?

Do you feed your dog garlic?

Please don’t hesitate to comment below!

Safe Natural Dog Treats

We use treats for lots of reasons – for training, rewarding good behaviour, for healthy teeth or just to keep them best-safe-natural-dog-treatsoccupied. It has a significant impact on their behaviour and their relationship with us. That is why we should make sure that they are safe, natural dog treats.

We love our pooches and we want the best for them but we were misled for a very long time by big companies that we trusted them and we chose popular products over quality. Our dogs were fed a poor quality diet full of chemicals and other harmful substances that lead to an unhealthy and shorter life.

9 out of 10 dog health issues are caused by poor diet, that’s why I decided to share some information on safe natural dog treats with you!

What are safe natural dog treats?

They are grain-free, wholesome, healthy and nutritious. They are low in calories – up to 20 calories per treat (more information on the best low calorie treats is HERE ) and they have just a few ingredients which are good quality.

You won’t find any weird looking words on the back of the packet as it doesn’t contain damaging chemicals (binders, colouring, preservatives and other additives. You want to also check that the treats are manufactured either in USA, EU or Canada where the treats are highly regulated and must meet strict requirements.

Why should you consider natural dog treats?

Healthy and happy dog leads a healthy, happy and long life! Your dog’s coat will be shinier, teeth whiter, breath smell not as appalling and most of all, your dog will love you for it!

Lots of processed unnatural treats are high in fat and sugar. Research recently completed by Direct Line Pet Insurance reveals that many dog treats are far higher in calories than a Big Mac burger and that is a lot of calories!

Some treats are so small, we tend to give our dogs more than we should, that’s why it is so important to look at the calories and fat content. If you can’t see the information on the packet or you think it is written in an alien language, don’t buy it!

Yes, they are more expensive but think in the long term. You won’t pay high sky vet fees if your dog is healthy right? And you can spend more lovely and healthy years with your furry baby.

The best safe natural dog treats

1. Himalayan Dog Chews  

– made from hard, natural yak’s and cow’s milk, salt and                  himalyan-dog-chews                 lemon juice

– less than 1% of fat

– high in protein

– low in lactose

– no added colouring or chemicals

– long-lasting chew which provides mental stimulation

and exercise and also clean teeth

– comes in different sizes

I usually buy them from Yakers Dog Chew

My dogs love it and it lasts for ages!


2. Natural cows ears

– low in fat                                                                                                cows-ears-for-dogs

– high in protein

– great for dogs that need to watch their weight

– air-dried for best flavour

– bacteria tested

– another long-lasting treat that is great for keeping

dogs teeth and gums healthy

I buy them from Hollings – Natural Dog Treat Cows Ears ( pack sizes of 3,10 or 50 pieces)

Keeps my dogs content and happy!


3. Natural Pig Ears

– odourless                                                                                                    pigs-ears

– tasty

– thick hide and density

– easily digestible

– high in fat so not recommended for daily chewing

– long-lasting chew which provides mental stimulation, exercise and also clean teeth

– no added colouring or chemicals

Another natural treat that my dogs just love! I buy them from Brutus & Barnaby whole pig ears!

Where can you buy it?

There are many commercially available natural dog treat options produced by a variety of companies. You can go to your local pet shop or with our busy lifestyles simply order it online! Amazon, E-Bay, Pets at Home which you can visit or order online as well.

Always read the back of the pack as what can seem as natural dog treat doesn’t have to be. A lot of companies are playing with words to make it look good and healthy. Simply look at the ingredients, there should be only a few and no extra colouring chemicals.

Natural dog treats can be quite expensive so if you have time you can also make you own ( which we will discuss in another article).

I also like to give my dogs carrots as it helps them to clean their teeth and give them something to do for a while. You can even freeze them so they last longer and in heatwave helps them to cool down.

Blueberries are another great treat for your dog. Blueberries are packed with fibre, antioxidants, and a lot of vitamins. Many studies have demonstrated the benefits of blueberries, and it’s regarded one of the best fruits/berries to eat, ever.

Another treat I like to give my dogs are strawberries, celery, melon (without the rind and seeds), mango (with pit removed), pumpkin, apples (without pips), peanut butter and so on!

So there are quite a few choices for your pooch.

Safety is our Number One Priority!

Remember that any treats you give to you dog must be in safe and moderate amounts otherwise, it can cause digestive problems. Also, if your dog has a sensitive stomach, you should always contact you, veterinarian, before different diet approach.

Any treat you give your dog should be done under supervision as it can cause choking hazard risk and make sure that they always have fresh water available.