Gina’s Story  

My interest in dogs started at a young age when my parents bought me my first puppy. This gave me the understanding of dealing with a dog and this is where my passion grew from. We then had several dogs and this allowed me to understand how different dogs require different care and attention. This interest has led me to work voluntarily for different charities to find suitable homes for dogs. My dream is to one-day open dog sanctuary. I am now a dog trainer and owner of 4 pooches called Frankie, Darcey, Roxy and Archie and I decided to try my best to research and write about the best tips for dog owners!

My qualifications are:


Canine First Aid Course

 Veterinary Assistant Diploma

LST Canine behaviour & Psychology Course

OPLEX Dog Training Course

OPLEX Puppy Training Course

IMDT 2 Day Career as a Dog Trainer Course

I am also a member of The Dog Welfare Alliance.

  Dog Training

With healthy food comes healthy and happy dog!

I feel like over the years we trusted companies who sold us dog food and treats so we fed them their products without any questions. We watched lovely adverts with healthy dogs eating their products and that seemed to do the job! Suddenly dogs started to become obese, had bad teeth, and were overall unwell. We didn’t know what is in the food, we didn’t understand those weird words on the back of the packet.

But times changed now, we have more information, more products and more people interested in the wealth of dogs and other animals. When I looked into it and started to do some research I was shocked by what I found! My dogs are members of my family and you wouldn’t feed your family poison, would you?

The Best Tips for Dog Owners


I would like to help all the dogs in the world if I could so I decided to make my own website where you can find a lot of tips for dog owners. Every dog is different and may need a different diet, it depends on breed, size, age, etc. I am all for natural dog products and trust me, I can see the difference in my dogs! They have a lovely coat, they are healthy and happy and every dog deserves the same ( you can check my blog about keeping your dog healthy NOW ) Here you will find the best tips for dog owners!

If you ever have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Gina – The crazy dog lover